Implementing Technology for
Non-Profit Organizations

The goals for developing technology in the non-profit sector are in many ways similar to developing technology in the for-profit sector. Both have to meet mission objectives by increasing efficiency and productivity and/or reducing overhead costs. The difference lies in the attitudes each sector has toward implementing the technology.

In the for-profit sector, it is understood that investing capital is vital to achieving information technology goals. This is not as clear in the non-profit sector.

Funders who support non-profit organizations prefer that their monies contribute to the immediate fulfillment of the organization's primary mission--not upgrading a computer, buying software or compensating a technology professional.

In order to utilize technology to its fullest potential, non-profit organizations must envision the positive effects investing in technology will have in the long run. Instead of using $100 to buy food for starving children today, they must realize how implementing technology will help to feed even more children in the future.

This website outlines the need for and benefits of implementing technology and suggests resources that will assist non-profits in achieving their goals.

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