The Blackie Sherrod Collection

The Blackie Sherrod Collection A myth exists in Texas newspaper circles that working for, or alongside, Blackie Sherrod at some early station in your life was the equivalent to a journalism degree. I wish to correct this myth. It was better than a doctorate. - Dan Jenkins, former sports writer under Blackie Sherrod.

Oh Blackie, Blackie, will you show us aspiring writers how to summon our readers like you can? Will you teach us how to walk the fine line between prose and content without boring our readers?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in The Blackie Sherrod Collection, and if you want to be a sports columnist, take a note or two from these columns.

The Dallas Times-Herald sports columnist has made a name for himself as one of the top reporters of modern sport in the United States over the past two decades. His columns are riddled with prose, humor, wit, and intelligent analysis, and according to Journalism Quarterly, Sherrod has the ability to write on subjects ranging from the Dallas Cowboys to Ross Perot.

The Blackie Sherrod Collection reveals Sherrod as one of the top sports writers of all time, along side Red Smith, Edwin Pope and Grantland Rice. Sherrod, interestingly enough, seems to have the magical ability to transform the seemingly simple art of sports writing into a literary cross word puzzle for his readers' enjoyment.

According to Douglas Looney of Sports Illustrated, Sherrod has the uncanny knack for overcoming all and writing in a range stretching from good on a bad day and high literature on his best. After more in-depth analysis, Looney expresses that Sherrod excels at making humor a big part of the first rate sports column. Regarding the intricacies of Sherrod's columns it should also be noted that Sherrod has no problem expressing his opinion as he did in his Jan. 17, 1980, column entitled Coach of Mystery.

The Pittsburgh coach may be the only citizen in jockdom who changes expression less than Tom Landry, the well-known marble bust who supervises the Dallas Cowboy's from Olympus.

This type of opinionated humorous writing has been Sherrod's trademark throughout his career, and his writing style can often times be quite complex. For the most part, in these columns, Sherrod takes his time building the scenario before getting to the point of the article. A style of writing that allows a literary writer like Sherrod to build on his strengths of description and wit, two aspects of writing that Sherrod has mastered in his many years as a columnist.

Currently Sherrod is keeping pace as a sports columnist at the Dallas Morning News. His October 22, 2000, column titled, Some Hither, Some Yon, mentioned University of Florida quarterback Rex Grossman's five touchdown passes against Auburn.

Sherrod thought Coach Bob Knight was an interesting subject to say the least.

Bob Knight, the resident ogre at Indiana, was put on a short leash by the college president, who clearly would rather have been wading naked in the Amazon, trying to catch piranhas in a tablespoon(Sherrod 5/28/2000).

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