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This website was created to expose the writing talent of these authors. The purpose of this web site is to attract an audience to the works of these literary journalists. In addition, these reviews were created to garnish some interest from the viewers to read the works of these authors. If you have any questions, complaints, or if you would like some more information on these journalists, please send an email. My email address is located at the bottom of this page.

Personal Information

I graduated from Mercer University in 1997 with a B.A. in psychology and communications. After graduation, Palm Beach became the hometown, and the inevitable struggle over several career choices began. Every job out of college seemed dull. In the summer of 1998, a friend got me a job writing a sports column for a local lifestyles magazine (Clematis Magazine). After publishing a handful of articles, and months of time wasted, there was a decision to go back to school. Awe, what fun.

I have been a Gator fan for nearly 15 years, so the University of Florida seemed like the best school. Since enrollment at Florida, I have had the opportunity to work at The Gator Times and cover the men's basketball team. It was too bad the Gators' were unable get past the second round of the 2001 NCAA Tournament. Those press seats for the sweet sixteen and the final four sounded good, not to mention the free food. It was still a good experience having the opportunity to get some articles published.

Currently, I am finishing my final semester as a graduate student, and my plans after graduation are to get a job in sports marketing or sports reporting - which ever pays more.

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