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This page is devoted to the ten academic journals, considered the most useful during my study of advertising.
Since there are numerous academic journals for various topics in the field of advertising, some of you may not find the journals that you think very important among my selections. In such cases, please let me know what you think, or suggest to me other journals you want to share with me.
The following is a list of the ten academic journals that leads to my brief comments about each journal. These journals can be divided into two groups: advertising journals and other related journals.
If you want to know more about some of the listed journals, please also use the image files on the side of my comments to get to the official Web site of each journal.

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[Ad Journals]

Journal of Advertising

[Go to the JOA Web site] The Journal of Advertising (JOA) is one of the most popular academic journals in the field of advertising. JOA is published quarterly by the American Academy of Advertising. This journal mostly deals with the development of advertising theory and its relationship to advertising practices and processes. Virtually every aspect of advertising research, either quantitative or qualitative, is evenly published in this journal.

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Journal of Advertising Research

[Go to the JAR Web site] Actually, The Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) is the first journal I refer to whenever I need information about a research topic. JAR is published bimonthly by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF). Most articles in this journal are quantitative studies so that a good knowledge of statistics is required to fully understand what's going on in this journal. Since the late 90's, this journal has devoted a considerable portion of its contents to new media studies, especially online ads.

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International Journal of Advertising

[Go to the IJOA Web site] As its name indicates, The International Journal of Advertising (IJOA) emphasizes the global perspectives of advertising. IJOA is published quarterly by the British Advertising Association(AA). Therefore, most articles in IJOA are contributed by scholars all around the world. The popular topics of this journal are cultural differences between countries, the effectiveness of international advertising, and global consumer behavior.

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Journal of Interactive Advertising

[Go to the JIAD Web site] The Journal of Interactive Advertising (JIAD) is the first online journal in the academic field of advertising. JIAD is published quarterly by the two great scholars of online advertising: Dr. John D. Leckenby ( The University of Texas at Austin) and Dr. Hairong Li (Michigan State University). If you are interested in the development of knowledge about Internet advertising as well as interactive communication, this journal should be the resource you turn to first.

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Proceedings of the Annual Conference of
the American Academy of Advertising

[Go to the AAA Web site] Every year the American Academy of Advertising (AAA) holds an annual conference at which research findings and theories concerning advertising are presented by faculties as well as students in the academic field of advertising. Following each annual meeting, the papers presented at that meeting are compiled into this printed book. Since all the papers are categorized by topics, this can be a very useful resource to get an up-to-date research topic when you start from scratch.

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[Other Related Journals]

Journal of Marketing

[Go to the JM Web site] The Journal of Marketing (JM), established in 1936, is one of the representative journals of the American Marketing Association (AMA). JM provides information on all aspects of marketing that present various ideas and theories of marketing thought and practice. In my opinion, the articles in JM seem to be more practical than those in the Journal of Marketing Research or the Journal of Consumer Research because JM intends to provide a kind of conceptual mapping of marketing applications, while the other two journals try to offer systematic explanations for the observations that relate to a particular aspect of marketing.

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Journal of Marketing Research

[Go to the JMR Web site] If you are a real stat-savvy person who is familiar with all the puzzling Greek letters, the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) is for you. JMR is a quarterly publication that is also published by the AMA. Since this journal is published for the technically oriented professional researcher or academician, it is very difficult to fully understand most articles in JMR, but it is also a very useful information source to identify the applications of various advanced statistical methods to marketing.

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Journal of Consumer Research

[Go to the JCR Web site] The Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) is the most popular journal in the field of consumer behavior. Considering the complexity of understanding consumer behavior, it is natural that JCR contains articles spanning fields such as psychology, marketing, sociology, economics, and anthropology. With respect to the effects of advertising on audiences, this journal provides various topics about either micro-level processes or macro-level issues.

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Advances in Consumer Research

[Go to the ACR Web site] Similar to the proceedings of the AAA, this is also a proceeding of the annual conference of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR). This proceeding is devoted to advancing consumer behavior as a dynamic discipline by disseminating knowledge generated and contributed by scholars from a variety of backgrounds, mostly marketing or psychology. It publishes numerous presented papers (This is a bulky book like a telephone book!), providing advanced thoughts and practices in the discipline of consumer behavior.

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Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

[Go to the JCMC Web site] Founded in 1995, the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC) is one of the earliest online journals in the academic field of mass communication. Since JCMC organizes most of the published articles into special issues, such as "Electronic Commerce and the Web" or "Computer-Mediated Markets," it is very convenient to find any CMC-related topic according to certain research interests. However, it is also somewhat inconvenient to read an article online or to print out the article because it takes, at least, more than fifteen sheets of paper to print one whole article...

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