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In these days of severe competition among thousands of brands, people are surrounded by a deluge of advertising. Therefore, any form of advertising can be seen wherever people may go.
Although there are various forms of advertising according to its functions and media vehicle, they all have one purpose in common: a desire to address a perceived consumer need and to position the advertised product for satisfying that need.
Based on this assumption, this study will try to examine the matter of "how advertising works." For this research objective, the question of "how advertising works" will be pursued by the two approaches in this report.

The first one will be practical approaches that deal with a number of key aspects of advertising. This is an easier and more textbook-oriented approach so that even those who have little prior knowledge about advertising will be able to understand the process of advertising without difficulty in this approach.

The other one will be academic approaches that focus on the various perspectives of understanding advertising effectiveness. Therefore, the theoretical principles for each class of perspectives and their empirical findings will be presented in this approach.

[Image Map of Two Approaches]

In addition to these two approaches, a number of major academic journals in the field of advertising also will be presented for those who are interested in studying this area.
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