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About the author

Variety, diversity and reliability are three words to describe Jane Inouye. With more than ten years in professional communications ranging from agency to corporate public relations, coupled with extensive print and broadcast writing, there's not much that Ms. Inouye has not experienced.

Currently, Ms. Inouye is on sabbatical from corporate life to pursue graduate studies at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Ms. Inouye is pursuing her master's and Ph.D degrees in media law with concentrations in privacy and public relations issues. Ms. Inouye is the recipient of the Brechner Center Freedom of Information Fellowship for 2000. In that capacity, she served as the editor for the Brechner Report, a monthly newsletter focusing on media law issues in the state of Florida. She also serves as the graduate student representative on the college's graduate committee, which has been tasked with revising the core requirements for the masters and PhD programs.

In recognition of her outstanding work in the field of communications, Ms. Inouye has received numerous awards from the Public Relations Society of America. She is an accredited (APR) public relations counselor. Ms. Inouye holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with minors in political science and sociology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

In her free time, Ms. Inouye enjoys gardening, cooking, running, biking, rowing, swimming and kayaking. One of her personal goals is to complete a triathlon.