What is a clipping service?

Clipping services monitor what is being said about your company and its products.#8 Traditionally, clipping services combed newspapers and other print media to find mention of your company's name or products.#4 Now, clipping services can monitor all types of media, including the Internet.

The value of clipping services

Clipping services can be used to: #5

  • Track public opinion
  • Monitor critical or time-saving issues
  • Plan crisis management strategies
  • Asses the impact of media relations and marketing campaigns
  • Track mentions of products, services and company names
  • Find out what competitors are doing
  • Identify potential market trends and consumer issues

Different types of clipping services

As new technologies emerge, clipping services expand. There are three main types of clipping services.

  1. Print- These services usually cover newspapers, magazines and other printed publications. #4
  2. Broadcast- Monitors television broadcasts for mention of you company or product. #7 Results are usually returned as video clips.
  3. Online- Scans the Internet for keywords you supply. Online clipping services can deliver clips about as often and quickly as you want them via e-mail or a private web page. Online clipping services also have the ability to return your results on a disk or CD-ROM. #2

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