Do any online clipping services offer more than just clipping?

Several online services offer much more than just clipping services. As online services become more and more popular they are beginning to offer more to their clients. When choosing a clipping service ask if it provides more than just clipping and if it will be expanding its services in the future.

What else can a clipping service do?

Below are some examples of online clipping services that provide additional services:

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PR Newswire is a good example of an online service's capabilities. This service can distribute press releases to specific mass media, provide photography and artwork for press releases, display annual reports and stock quotes and clip mentions of your company or products using its clipping service, Ewatch. #10

Bacon's Information Inc. is more than just a clipping service. Bacon's can generate media lists and update them automatically. Bacon's also provides printing and production for virtually any step of a distribution project. #1

Market Guard 24/7 is primarily a clipping service. Along with Market Guard 24/7's clipping reports is also provides search engine positioning, information about hate sites focused on your company and products and illegal page-jacking and traffic siphoning offenders. #9


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