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A Web site dedicated to the press can be one of the most beneficial Public relations tools. In 1998, more than half of the daily newspaper reporters went online every day primarily for research articles.(6)

Developing media relations Web sites, providing customized information delivery and creating positive e-mail relationships are key in producing effective online PR for a company. Position statements, activity calendars, breaking news information, speeches, government filings, special press kits, story ideas and PR campaign ideas can all be powerful tools that companies can post on the Web. Also, a PR staff directory including the name, phone numbers, email addresses and the area(s) of expertise are very beneficial to the reporter. This way, the reporter doesn't have to go digging for information because it is all right there at his or her fingertips. (6)

PR practitioners are improving relations with the press in several manners. It is more than just providing downloadable media kits and e-mailing press releases. On some sites, "shopping carts" are available where reporters can gather information about a story or company including management biographies, images and press releases from a Web site designed only for the press. This cuts costs and increases the speed of delivery drastically. (9)

The Internet has grown so much in the past several years and PR practitioners are constantly having to adjust to the ever-changing world. The concept of using the Internet for public relations purposes will have to be learned by all practitioners in order to be successful. Many companies look for this in their hiring process because in order to stay competitive in this world, knowledge of the online world is a necessity.

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