The BROAD field of public relations
How do you choose?

Firm? Organization? Profit? Non-Profit? Consumer relations? Investor relations? Ahhh! There are so many roads to take and so many directions to choose! How in the world do I decide which route to take?

If you are anything like me, making minor decisions such as where to go for lunch is hard enough - nevermind making huge decisions that will affect the rest of my life. Why do you think it's so difficult making these tough decisions? I think it's because we realize that we must face the consequesnces of the choices we make, and that is often a difficult thing to do.

One of the most difficult, yet most important tasks we face each day requires making decisions. The minor decisions have little impact on the way we live our life. Bigger decisions, such as choosing a spouse or deciding what to do with the rest of our lives regarding a career, have a much greater impact on the way we live.

These major decisions often cause us to feel apprehensive that if we make a wrong choice, we will end up feeling less fulfilled or less happy, which often results in avoiding the decision or not properly evaluating the situation. But we canít let fear stop us. For the rest of our lives we will be forced to make decisions.

This web site is designed to help you make decisions where the choices are difficult to make. When making major decisions such as these, it is useful to compare each job that you're considering with your own interests, abilities, qualifications and personal preferences.

Good luck and enjoy your stay!

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