There are many decisions to me made. So where do you start? You may have already decided whether you want to work for a profit organization or a non-profit organization. If you haven't, this would be an excellent place to start. Let's head down our first road.....

The main functions of PR professionals are very similar for both profit and non-profit organizations. Both require writing and editing, information gathering, public speaking, programming, special event planning and the like. However there are a few minor differences between the two that need to be considered.

A public relations professional working for a non-profit organization assumes responsibility for providing many social, educational, cultural, and welfare services. In effect, it is the non-profit sector that fills the gaps in meeting the needs of society left unattended by for-profit corporations and government agencies. Non-profit organizations in different fields approach public relations programming with diverse tactics, but promoting public service and building public trust are common to all.

The non-profit PR professional aims at:

  • gaining acceptance of an organization's mission
  • developing channels of communication with those an organization serves
  • creating and maintaining a favorable climate for fund-raising
  • supporting the development and maintenance of of public policy that is favorable to an organization's mission
  • informing and motivating key organizational constituents to dedicate themselves and work productively in support of an organization's mission, goals and objectives.

Non-profit organiazations include health care agencies, social welfare organizations, churches, educational institutions and cultural organizations and foundations.

For-Profit organizations are those which function by the profits made. Some profit organizations include restaurants, hotels, clothing stores and entertainment sites.

Public Relations in any organization dependent on profit must be cost-effective and part of the formula for successful competition. In order for a profit-organization to survive, it must help business create an environment in which owner and investors are satisfied with return on their capital. This means that the PR professional working for a profit business must aim at attracting new customers and and keeping present ones.