Which of these most applies to you?
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A. I enjoy obtaining news coverage for the activities of my client or organization by interacting with different media outlets, including radio, newspapers and television stations on a regular basis. I would like to be the person who decides what is reported, how it is reported, when it is reported and to whom it is reported. If this sounds like you, then you may have just found your “niche,” MEDIA RELATIONS.

B. I would like my primary job to focus on building relationships with people connected with the organization I work for. Such publics include employees, stockholders, suppliers, distributors, bankers and advisors. I would enjoy concentrating on client research, studying the reason for communication, and identifying the employee audiences to be targeted for communications. An organization’s most important relationships are those with its employees, so if this appeals to you, you may want to work in INTERNAL (EMPLOYEE) COMMUNICATIONS.

C. I love being involved and contributing to local organizations and activities within my community. I can see myself being a community problem-solver by following the usual sequence of Research, Objectives, Programming, and Evaluation (ROPE). I would like to actively participate with and within a community to maintain and enhance its environment to the benefit of both an organization and the community. I would enjoy developing a dialogue between the company I work for and the community. If this appeals to you, you might want to consider COMMUNITY RELATIONS as your career choice.

D. I would love to relate directly with legislatures and regulatory agencies on behalf of my organization. I enjoy fact finding, coalition building, direct lobbying, grassroots lobbying, the use of political action committees, political education, communications on political issues and political support activities. If this sounds like you, you may want to head down the GOVERNMENT RELATIONS road.

E. I can see myself creating and maintaining investor confidence and building positive relationships with the financial community. I would like to encourage stockholders to buy and hold company shares and persuade Wall Street financial analysts and institutions to take an interest. I would love to carry the responsibility of winning shareholder support through timely and valuable communication for my organization or firm. If so, maybe you should consider being an INVESTOR (FINANCIAL) RELATIONS professional.

F. I would like my primary objective to to be building sales for my organization. I would like to have goals such as keeping old customers, attracting new customers, marketing new items or services and handling complaints from customers.I would like a job where I combine activities designed to sell a service, product or idea, including advertising, collateral materials, publicity, promotion, packaging, point-of sale display, trade shows and special events. If you are a "sales-type" person, you may want to check out CONSUMER RELATIONS