As a public relations senior, graduating from the University of Florida in May 2001, I am at a cross roads in my life and am forced to choose which career route I will take. I assume beause you are reading this right now that you too are facing similar obstacles.

People entering the world of public relations have a tremendous advantage when it comes to having many career options. This advantage could however be considered somewhat of a burden to many simply because it requires a lot of thought, research and decision making.

I chose this topic due to the confusion I was facing as I sought out a career of my own. Through my research prior to this project, I found myself overwhemed with the variety of options out there. It concerned me that there must be other people that are in the same boat as I was in.

I created this site to better inform you of the multiple opportunities available in the PR field, to give you a better understanding of the duties required for each of these options and as a result, hopefully lead you to the specific job that best fits you as an individual going into the field of public relations.

I hope each of you will carefully review my site, as well as the resources I provided for you, and take your time choosing a career that you make you happy. It is important to accept the fact that decision-making involves some risks. You can not know all the possible results of a decision. Don't be afraid to take a chance.

I have loved ones in my life who go to work everyday and absolutely hate what they do. Hating your daily routine can ruin your your health, it can make everyone around you miserable too! Life is too short to just "suck it up everyday of your life." There is a whole world of opportunities out there for you!Take advantage of those opportunities. Obviously your job may not always be cake and icecream, but you should have a passion for what you do. Realize your power to change things!

Once you find your "niche," spread your wings and fly!