Building a strong Reputation

Step: 2
Building a Strong Reputation

An organization will survive a crisis better if they have a good reputation. A good reputation is built over the life of an organization. The historical behavior of the organization will influence how other view the company. While managing a crisis, the organization should remember the "4 Rs."

1.) REGRET what happened, but your not guilty or even responsible. The organization needs to watch its words because they can comeback to haunt the organization in court if you claim responsibility. If the organization doesn't regret the incident, no one will listen to anything else the organization says. 2.) State what the organizations will do to RESOLVE the issue. 3.) Assure customers that the organization will REFORM so that this will never happen again. 4.) Offer RESTITUTION for the organizations customers. When the product returns to the shelves offer coupons.
Remember a good reputation takes time to build, but goodwill is the best and cheapest way to manage a crisis. Goodwill can only be built up while things are running smoothly, not in times of crisis.