Prepare Materials In Advance

Step: 6
Prepare Materials In Advance

If crisis happens today, the organization needs to respond immediately. The media does not care about the corporate interests of any organizations. When a crisis breaks so will the story. Public relations staff must be sensitive to journalist needs for information and deadlines. Spokespersons should be made available to answer for the organization so that there is two-way communication between journalists and the company.

The organization must meet a dual responsibility to meet the needs of their clients/employer and to serve the public's interest. Honesty and forthright representation are two key ethical standards for the organization to follow.

What the Prepared Materials should communicate: 1.) A press response stating that you have incomplete knowledge of the crisis details, but describe the organizations conceptual approach to the crisis and give the promise to inform when there is new information. 2.) Give the organizations best answer and information why the crisis happened. Why did the plane crash, or broker cheat, or the union strike. 3.) Give the press some generic but positive information about the organization. The information should have some bearing on the crisis without speculating what happened. 4.) THIS IS THE IMPORTANCE OF A CRISIS PLAN. During the early stages of a crisis there is an early vacuum of information. The organization must not let the media speculate what happened. Background informatino about the company can be used to control the media's speculation. Don't be afraid to say something good about the organization at this time. If you don't no one will.