Create a Crisis Team

Step: 3
Create a Crisis Management Team

An organization should pre-select a leader to deal with crisis management. The leader should be someone from top management who can dedicate lots of time to deal with the case. They need to be able to step away from the day-to-day duties so that they can run the crisis team. Once a leader is selected, management needs to bring together representatives from most key operational and policy areas with top management so that the crisis is handled correctly. Crisis-related problems usually bring together diverse interests. Consumers and the general public, employees and stockholders view a crisis from different perspectives. It is importance of bringing experts together so that the needs of these diverse publics are met.

1.) First select someone from top management to head the crisis team. 2.) Select representatives from key policy and operational areas to bring expertise and management together. 3.) Candidates for team include: Corporate communications, legal, human resources, medical, research, operations, safety, security, transportation and government affairs.