Service Providers

My research has shown that there is no single standard that all service providers follow. Instead, various techniques may or not be used to regulate the content of Web sites.

According to the Web Page Service Provider Pathway, their company does not use any devices for monitoring. new compter

In an e-mail from Pathway's technical support department, "We do not use any devices specifically designed for monitoring. We certainly monitor our services to ensure that they are operating properly, but not to eavesdrop on private communication."

Additionally, the representative from Pathway said, "There is nothing special about the Internet that automatically revokes an individuals right to privacy. Just as telephone conversations or letter mail are private, so too are any Internet-based communication."

Another Web Page Service provider that I contacted said there are multiple monitoring devices that they use.

Harold Becht, customer support manager of Freeservers, said he couldn't disclose the devices because once they have been shared, a user could find a way to get away from the monitoring.


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By Sophia Goode - April 2001.