How should we go about managing a crisis when one arises?

One of the best ways to manage a crisis is through the use of communication. Here is a list of crisis communication strategies that an organization may use:

  • Attack the accuser.The party that claims a crisis exists is confronted and its logic and facts are faulted. Sometimes a lawsuit is threatened.
  • Denial.The organization explains there is no crisis.
  • Excuse. The organization minimizes its responsibility for the crisis. Any intention to do harm is denied, and the organization says it had no control over the events that led to the crisis.
  • Justification.Crisis is minimized with a statement that there was no serious damage or injuries.
  • Ingratiation.Actions are taken to appease the publics involved.
  • Corrective action.Steps are taken to repair the damage from the crisis and to prevent a repetition.
  • Full apology.Organization takes full responsibility and asks forgiveness.

  • What an organization does and how it behaves in the first several hours of a crisis have a crucial impact on the reputational damage done. By setting up a management team and effectively communicating during a crisis, you will eliminate the possibility of another crisis arising and you will continue to keep the public satisfied. An example of an organization which used poor communications skills during a crisis is the PR firm which handled the Firestone Tire Crisis.