How to Plan For, Manage, and Deal With the Aftermath of a Potential Crisis in the PR World.

    When most of us hear the word, "crisis", we think of such things as the Gulf War, the crash of TWA Flight 800, or the Depression of the 1920s and 30s. But how many of us stay awake at night thinking about the crises that occurs in our very own banks, local restaurants, hospitals, and schools from day to day? Probably not many of us unless we're directly involved with a Public Relations department in a corporation or a non-for-profit organization. These crises that occur within different businesses are so severe that they threaten the integrity or legitimacy of that business.

We hear about the major, life-threatening crises that occur around the world from watching or listening to the news, but many of us are unaware of the crises that can occur within the very same company we're working for. So, what exactly is a "crisis": how does one happen, who is involved, who is hurt,what do you do during a crisis, what are the after-effects? This website is designed to take you through the steps of managing a crisis before it hits your company or one that you enjoy visiting. After all, when a crisis hits, it hurts not only the company's employees but also its guests, customers and the public in general.

Amy Geibel
Last revised: April 19, 2001
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