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Photo: Buisness Meeting.

The DMEF’s mission is to “increase and improve the teaching of direct marketing in colleges and universities and provide career information and guidance to persons interested in the field. However, the Board of Trustees is in the process of revising the bylaws and updating the plan. At minimum, the word “interactive” will be added where appropriate. The ultimate objective, i.e., attract “talent” the contributors (member companies) want may change the ways DMEF goes about attracting and training that “talent” will change. It’s likely that they will take better advantage of technology in the future, for example. In the early days of the Foundation, given the fact that there were very few courses anywhere the message was to get direct marketing taught in as many places as possible. For a while now, the emphasis is shifting to “qualify” as well as quantify. And at the last Trustee’s meeting, a Board member said he wanted the foundation to be seen as a “major force in direct and interactive marketing.” There wasn’t a lot of discussion, nor was there a vote, but that may in fact be the way the Foundation would like to be perceived.