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Photo: Buisness Meeting.

(Taken from the web-site and revised.)
Students, jump-start your business career. Student membership in The DMA is open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students for just $25. The DMA is the largest trade association for businesses engaged in direct and interactive marketing with more than 4600 corporate members in the US and abroad. Membership will help you, increase your knowledge of direct & interactive marketing and will keep you informed of the latest trends and marketing techniques. You will also be positioned to develop networking opportunities with professionals and be prepared for job searching. Student membership benefits include free access to DirectLINK, Online database service while you're an active member. Great for classroom research and interview preparation. A Career Kit is provided containing information on DM careers, resume tips, useful Web sites and more. The DMA Insider is a quarterly publication focusing on trends, techniques, issues and hot new innovators. You are given the choice of one DMA Special Interest Council newsletter, a list of DM regional clubs and associations, 30% discount on DMA conferences, 50% discount on DMA seminars, and Student Membership Card.