Secondary Research on Publics

Environmental scanning of the public relations problem accurately identifies what research needs to be done. Researching the problem identifies who is involved and who is affected. Then the relationship the publics have with the organization must be analyzed. This will establish the target audiences and publics. After target audiences and publics are identified, more research must be done about the publics to better understand the publics and to help communicate with the publics.

The following approaches can be used to define and describe publics:

While the nine approaches can all be successful, all of them do not have to be used. The point of them is to end up with an accurate definition of the publics. One thing to remember about publics is that they are not static, they vary depending on the problem and organization. By researching the publics, the knowledge, predisposition and behaviors of the publics will be identified. The research is used to increase the understanding of the publics, which will help determine program objectives for the organization.

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