Both the internet and toll free support centers can increase public opinion in a company. Here the Allstate pr department can benifit from there updating of sales techniques and spin it to show that Allstate cares about their client and meeting their demand.

On November 10,1999 Allstate announced their intentions to become a multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-product and multi-national company. Edward Liddy, Allstate chairman, president and CEO said," By streamlining our processes and changing our approach to sales and service we will enhance our ability to grow and improve the way we take care of customers." The plan had numerous steps however, the main two were the creation of www.Allstate.com and 1-800-ALLSTATE.

1-800-ALLSTATE is a customer support call center for customers to call 24 hours a day. Representatives can, over the phone, initiate an automobile insurance policy, renters' policy or boat insurance as well as answer any questions pertaining to the clients' policy. Individuals may even request changes to their policies via the phone if they are unable to contact their local agent during the standard business day.

1-800-ALLSTATE is meant to provide a convince and service to the client that they cannot get anywhere else.

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