Quotes Expressing Tid-bits of Information

"The value is in the convience of conducting buinsess anytime, anywhere and in the reassurance of having the local presence of a professional insurance agent available as needed."

"Through our actions, we will provide superior service, with access to the company at the customer's conveniece through agents, the Internet and call centers."

The Good Hands Network, the internet site and 1-800-ALLSTATE, are expected to reach 40% of the U.S. population.

The states that www.Allstate.com are offered in are:

Alabama, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida,Oregon, Colorado, Louisiana, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio.

"Allstate's web site ws rated highest for online services in a study released today by Kasina, a strategic management consulting firm, entitled "Top 20 Web Sites- Property & Casualty Insurance."

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