A Critique of www.Allstate.com

In class and in Lemay's book there are a few basic rules to follow. Overall, I believe that this web site has portrayed them all. If it hadn't I do not think this site would be recieving the reviews it is getting.

The do's in Web page design that I believe Allstate accomplishes:

The text on the pages is easy for the reader to scan.
Each page contains small introductory paragraphs with hyperlinked text with in it.
Group related information both semantically and visually.
This is done throughout the site. Each topic has its own page and supporting pages connected.
The layout is simple
The layout is fairly simple. Each page varies as to how the paragraphs are laid out however, the same 3 frames exist throughout the site.
Make sure the topics match the page

Overall, the site was professionally done. It is easy to move around and find what ever you are looking for.

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