The world of sports journalism is one that is highly competitive and aggressive. Reporters are forced to deal daily with deadlines, pursuing stories until they get it, finding the scoop while working on deadline and maintaining solid relationships with their sources within athletic departments.

But that world is changing ever so rapidly for both reporters and athletic officials alike. The world of online journalism is changing the landscape of sports journalism as daily and making those involved take a step back and reevaluate the directions it's going.

The ease with which people can access the web these days, and start up their own Internet site, has led to the creation of many "garage sites." What are the presences of these sites in the mix of sports journalism doing to the sites that are established as journalistic sites? What is the presence of these sites doing to the athletic officials out there who are responsible for controlling the flow of information from an athletic department tot he media?

It can all be a bit daunting at times.