Positive Aspects of the Internet

The positive aspects that the Internet has brought to the table for sports journalists and websites is a tremendous plus, especially for the fans involved.

One of the main positive aspects is the immediacy the Internet brings. No more sitting around waiting until the next day to find a score or learn the latest developments with your team. Everything you want is just a click of the mouse away, if you know where to look. The days of having to wait on the whim of a news organization to determine when you will get your news is over for the most part. Everything is available NOW.

The technological capabilities coupled with the sense of immediacy are also pluses for the fan and add to the sports websites. Websites are able to take video footage of a game and place it on the web for a fan to view with products such as Quicktime or Real Audio. No longer is one forced to read about a game that happened on the other side of the country. An enterprising Internet site can put its own footage up for the masses.

"It's a great feeling knowing that I can find out what Alabama is doing even though I am in the middle of Gator Country," said Doyle Durando. "I like the Gators, but I am an Alabama fan at heart and you don't get much news about them here in Gainesville. I like the freedom of finding my own news." (Durando, 2001)

The ability to specifically tailor coverage to a specific team is also something that most online sites boast and that is found to be of great benefit to the fans. Sites can be found that cover specifically recruiting in the Southeast or the games involving pigskin in the state of Arkansas. It's all up to the discretion of the person constructing the site.