Legitimate Sites

Certainly everyone would agree that there are plenty of websites out on the Internet that immediately have an air of legitimacy around them. MSNBC.com, CNNSI.com, ESPN.com and the like all would be accepted as legitimate sites with little question. The reason for this is all are tied to a credible news network that has been around for quite a while.

The reporters who work for these sites are being forced to change their methods of reporting in many ways though to keep up with the fast paced that the Internet has brought to the world of sports journalism. Before the advent of the Internet, reporters were able to work on a story and only need to worry about making sure they got the story right and had until deadline to write the article and get it ready for publication in the next day's paper.

The advent of the Internet and online journalism shattered that mold. Today journalists must worry about other sites that may get the information and have the story posted on the Internet within hours on their online version of their newspaper. It makes the potential for a scoop that much more attractive because it is important to get the news first in the minds of many.

The importance of getting the news first is there, but it also is important to get truth and not simply report rumor, which damages ones credibility immensely. But the world of rumor has now come into play as well with the emergence of many so called "garage sites"