invisible republic

invisible republic

Greil Marcus, 1997

This is a comprehensive account of the production of the Basement Tapes, including song history, interviews and insights from the New York Times writer. A creative work that juxtaposes the Basement Tapes with Harry Smith's famous Anthology of American Folk Music.

bob dylan: the recording sessions

bob dylan: the recording sessions [1960-1994]

Clinton Heylin, 1995

Heylin provides the reader with a full account of studio recording sessions Dylan took part in prior to 1995; even those not widely released. Includes commentary and lists musicians, songs, takes, dates. Heylin is the author of three other books and edited The Penguin Book of Rock and Roll Writing.

no direction home

no direction home --
the life and music of bob dylan

Robert Shelton, 1986

Shelton, author of many books, including The Country Music Story, gives the reader much information in this 500-page epic. Includes family, childhood, and every musical phase of Dylan's career, prior to 1986. The author wrote Dylan's first review in the New York Times and gives personal accounts throughout. A must-read for any fan.

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