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The Clearinghouse on Human Services is a advocacy coalition of over 200 Member Organizations all working or devoted to the field of human services. We work together at the grassroots, state, and federal levels to strengthen the voice for Florida's most vulnerable. The Clearinghouse meets weekly during the Florida legislative session, and then periodically between sessions. The coaltion works through consensus building which gives strength to our positions. Established in 1974 by social worker Budd Bell, with only seven member organizations, the Clearinghouse successfully lobbied for the passage of the Child Care Bill --the key piece of legislation needed to establish federally and state funded daycare centers throughout Florida. Over the past thirty years the Clearinghouse agenda has expanded and now lobbies on a variety of Issues under the umbrella of human services.

If you are interested in joining please contact us at the address below or select the Membership link to the left. Sign up on our Mailing List and we will keep you updated on current legislation that might impact our efforts and the people we represent.

Action Alerts is a list of bills our lawmakers are currently considering that we are keeping under close watch. You'll also find links to Florida State Government websites and links to your state representatives. And if you are interested in learning how to Lobby please check out the the lobbying information written by Budd Bell herself.

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