Facts About ItalyItalian flag

Italy is located in the Mediterranean region of Europe. It is a peninsula bordering the South of Switzerland, the Southeast of France and the Southwest of Austria and extends into the Mediterranean, Ionian and Adriatic Seas.
  • Capital: Rome
  • Official Language: Italian
  • Currency: Italian Lire
  • Area: 301,323 sq km (116,341 sq mi)
  • Population: 57.3 million
  • Population Density: 189 persons/sq km (488 persons/sq mi)
  • Urban/Rural Breakdown: 67% Urban, 33% Rural
  • Form of Government: Parliamentary republic
  • Head of State: President -- elected to a seven-year term by legislators and representatives of regional councils
  • Head of Government: Prime minister -- appointed by the president
  • Chief Economic Products: Agriculture, Fishing, Mining, Manufacturing
  • Employment Breakdown: 60% Services, 31% Industry, 9% Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
  • Major Exports: Machinery, motor vehicles, clothing, textile yarn and fabrics, footwear, iron and steel, fruit and vegetables, wine
  • Major Imports: Machinery and transportation equipment, petroleum, metals, chemicals, textile yarn and fabrics, meat
  • Major Trading Partners: Germany, France, United States, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg (13)

    Health Indicators judge a country's health status based on certain criteria. The better the:
  • GNP per capita
  • Life expectancy
  • Literacy
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Human development index
    ...the better the chances of survival and good health, therefore, a higher rank (1 being highest) (40).

    Italian health indicators


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