Internet Public Relations

A primary role of public relations is monitoring and identifying trends and issues in specific industries. The Internet has doubled the workload for a PR practitioner because a practitioner must monitor everything that is release about his/her company, as well as competitors. However, the Internet has also provided the opportunities for companies, such as CyberAlert to maintain a database, which tracks company news and industry news. CyberAlert is a "Web clipping service that provides an effective, time-efficient and economical way to find and "clip" what is being said about a company or its products in Web publications, other Web sites and message boards, and Usenet news groups."

Another monitoring Internet company is Market Guard 24/7. Market Guard monitors what is reported about companies in newspapers, trade magazines and investor news publications. It tracks competitor information and ranking via major search engines. Market Guard traces patent and trademark status for individual companies and competitors. It also alerts of hate sites directed at individual companies.

There are numerous companies that help the public relations department, but there are also several companies that specialize in creating a public relations plan. Some specialize in press release, and others create an entire campaign for a company. Several focus on the high-tech industry, such as Internet Public Relations. Internet Public Relations, "is to develop an integrated public relations and marketing program for each of our high-tech clients that establishes the client in a position of industry leadership and results in higher sales."

There are several other functions of the Internet that help a public relations practitioner, especially search engines. The Internet can be an extremely useful tool for public relations, and should be utilized for all its capabilities.