Internet Media

One of the fields benefited most from the Internet is journalism. The Internet provides opportunities for reporters and editors to communicate in a timely manner, which is an important aspect of newspaper and broadcast mediums. Several Internet companies have developed sources that generate information specifically for communication of the field of journalism, such as Media 100 editor. Media 100 editor provides information on jobs, leads, research and a message board for editors. The goal of Media 100 editor is to help editors, "communicate, educate and prosper."

The Internet also offers recommendations for news releases. For example, Internet Media Fax, "will give you comments and recommendations on how to improve your news release response every time. You benefit from our copywriting skills and expertise." This site helps with the content of news release as well as posting the release once finished. Also, many newspapers, television station and radio broadcast are posted on the web, so anyone can get all the news information at any time.