In the words of those who were there:

A Lcpl with 1/1 remembers pulling off hill 881S.
Recounted in '69 at Camp Lejuene.

"The day we were leaving 881S., one of our guys went outside the wire to take a crap and the gooks grabbed him. We heard him yelling, and then we heard a shot. The guy starts screaming for us to help him, so four of us went down the hill to try and get him back. When we got close to him, we saw that he had been shot in the leg. Before we could get any closer -- I got shot in the neck, and we had to get the hell out of there. I almost bled to death waiting for a med-evac. As far as I know, nobody got the guy."

John B.. was with 1/26 at the KSCB in '68
Recounted in Jackson, Ms. in 1979

While I was at Khe Sanh, we took incoming all the time. I wouldn't leave my Hooch. They tried to get me to go on work parties, but I wouldn't do it. They knew I was crazy, so they left me alone. The only time I went out was when a sniper popped this white dude in front of my hooch. He kept yelling "B-more!, help me!" that's what everybody called me -- Mr. B-more. So, I went out and got this dude, but he died anyway.

Dennis Pastore B-1/1 hill-689 '68
recounted in 1994

"I remember the night we got overrun on 689. When we got hit, they knew where all the holes were, and blew the shit out of them with R.P.G's. I jumped out of my hole just in time and hid in the bushes. This big dude comes up and points his A-K at me, but I got him first. I shot him seven times with my .45 -- emptied it. Spent the rest of the night hiding 'cause I didn't have anymore bullets with me. When the flares popped, I could see the gooks behind me on top of the hill by the 106 recoilless rifle. They were just standing around like they didn't know what to do next. By daylight none of them were still alive."

Again from Pastore

"When Vanderheid got hit he was pissed at the Lt. for sending him on a work party. A mortar got him. He didn't look too bad, and when they were loading him on the chopper he kept yelling, 'Fuck-you, you asshole!' at the Lt. He died in the hospital three days later."

Send in your personal experience relating to Khe Sanh.

The above are from dimming recollections of conversations with Khe Sanh vets. If you have a short anecdote you'd like to have posted on this page, please attach it to an E-mail and send it to me. No bullshit please -- I got no use for phoney vets.

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