Interesting Web Sites for Farmers

Farmers could spend days looking up useful information on the Web. To save time and money, here are some useful web sites and a brief summary of what you can find at each site.

@griculture Online is a web site which includes market, weather, technology, successful farming and news updates as well as classifieds, calendars, chat rooms and additional agricultural links. At the World of @griculture link, which is linked through @griculture Online, many argibusiness links are available with short summaries of what each has to offer.

StratSoy is a joint venture web site sponsored by the University of Illinois and the U.S. Soybean Board. StratSoy was originally designed to connect the state and national soybean offices, but the creators added a "special" feature---a group of experts who answers farm management and marketing questions from Internet browsers. If you ask an expert a question on StratSoy, all those who browse the site will see the question and have the option to respond. This provides a roundtable discussion on issues important to farmers. StratSoy also provides weather updates, news and soybean recipes.

Illini FS is a "progressive, customer focused organization that provides quality products and services." The company's home page provides information on precision farming, links to ag-related sites and a monthly newsletter, Crops. Visitors may also use a personal account to access field maps and reports from professional crop scouts from the last month.

Site-specific Farming aims to improve production efficiency by adjusting crop treatments to certain conditions. This web site discusses the technology needed for site-specific farming, the research of site-specific farming and the advantages of this practice.

Farmers's Legal Action Group, Inc. is a nonprofit law center designed to provide legal services to family farmers and their rural communities in order to keep family farms on the land. FLAG's work has been extended to include other issues of concern to family farmers and ranchers such as sustainable agriculture, contract farming, accountability in government support programs and race discrimination in USDA programs.

agriCareers is a web site designed to help agribusinesses find candidates to meet their staffing needs and agriprofessionals find career opportunities. In addition to the web site, agriCareers produces a monthly publication which contais recruitment ads, company announcements, employee profiles and a professional development article.

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