Farmers on the Internet

With the development of better farming methods, the increased use of capital in farming, the almost complete dependence on markets as a source of income and the emerging new technologies, the welfare of a modern farm depends primarily on how well the farm operator can grow and market his products (1). These issues can be complicated or simple to figure out for each farmer, depending on his farm management skills.

Farm management may be defined as the field of study which considers the efficient organization and skillful operation of a farm for the purpose of securing the maximum continuous profit consistent with the welfare of the land (1). Good management is a combination of decisions that will enable a farmer to develop the kind of farm organization he wants. Not all farmers have the same needs (i.e. amounts of resources to use, products to produce and how to get the work done). However, most farm-management research assumes that farmers want to maximize profits (1).

Farm management can be achieved many different ways; however, the use of the Internet can help farmers manage their farms and market their products in a more efficient and timely manner.

The World Wide Web for Farmers

Farming From a Computer

The Virtual Farm Office Advantages

The Virtual Farm Office Disadvantages

Interesting Web Sites for Farmers


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