"The Internet
is like an ecosystem
of subculture."

Howard Rheingold,
The virtual community,1993

As we all know, the Internet or the Net refers to interconnected computer networks. A vast amount of computers connects to each other, providing humans a new way to communicate. Technically, the Internet is a channel of information transfer. To communicate on the Net, therefore, is to exchange bits of information. Before the advent of the World Wide Web, Online communication was based on text-only. Online communicators made sense of each other just by "written word" and "imagination." As group relationship were implanted, an atmosphere of community took place. Theretofore, netizens have developed a lot of text-based tools to communicate in their virtual world. As a result, Computer Mediated Communication, the term coined by social scientists for online communication, has become contemporary phenomenon.

Bringing about radical changes in our society, the Internet not only affects existing human culture locally and globally, but also nurtures a multitude of subculture. Its multidimensional attributes make Internet culture hardly defined.

This website, however, aims to mirror some aspects of Internet culture under the following sections.:

Virtual community
Online language
Perspective: critical views from social critics.

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