Cybersex refers to computer-enhanced mastuburation or simulated copulation.1 Sex contributed mightily to the early 1990s boom of the Internet and online services. It is considered the most popular topic for BBS discussion. A certain steady percentage of boards are entirely sexually oriented. Some members of which use the system to live out fantasy sex lives consisting a hot dialogs with other anonymous participants.Actual netsex tended simply to involved picture downloads and textual flirtation by one handed-typists. Some of the best examples are found in the gay chat rooms, crowded IRC chat channels (lists of some examples), and on the MUDs such as FurryMUCK, famous for the TinySex,that users engage through role-playing as furry animals.


Tinysex is a MUD term for virtual sex, same as netsex or cybersex.2 It involves online personae who interact with other participants by typing erotic words and descriptions.


This Usenet group is main porn conduit on the Internet. A daily flow of scanned photos, video grabs, even video clips are anonymously posted to separate Usenet newsgroups including "anime" and "cartoons," "bestiality" and "tasteless," "blondes" and "Asians," "furry" and "fetish," "male" and "female." Learning how to reassemble the GIF, JPEG, and MPEG files is a cybersex rite of passage. Besides testing the reach of local obscenity and intellectual property laws in cyberspace, another a.b.p.e cultural contribution is the "frankenstein," the head of a celebrity seamlessly grafted onto Miss Playboy using the latest photo-retouching software.1

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