Black History Month Mission Statement

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The Black History Month Committee is a group of highly motivated individuals of the University of Florida's Black Student Union dedicated to serving the African American community of the University of Florida and the Gainesville community by presenting a celebration of the history and accomplishments of decendents of our ancestors. It is our goal to expose the community at large to our culture and in so doing to dissolve some of the barriers that divide our people.

The Black History Month Committee will do so by presenting a series of events that will collectively showcase the talents of the many people who have roots on this continent. These events aim to entertain, challenge and educate while providing opportunities for intellectual, spiritual and social growth to all who choose to participate.

The primary goal of the Black History Month Committee is to remind us of the rich heritage we have inherited and teaches us that if we carry within ourselves the memory of the journey of our people, it will remind us that we are evidence of the success of that journey.

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