Two online businesses compared

A tale of two businesses on the Web

For my project, I interviewed representatives of two local businesses, Southlight Media and The Oaks Mall. Each business has Web sites for different purposes.

The mall site is used as one part of its advertising package. No transactions are conducted from the page itself, and only one store in the mall advertises its products online.

Southlight Media uses its Web site differently than The Oaks Mall site. Freelance photographer Gene Bednarek, owner of Southlight Media, posts his pictures on the site to show prosective clients examples of his work. He calls it "spear fishing," meaning he seeks clients rather than waiting for clients to find him.

Kristen Moore, marketing director for the mall, said the mall Web site does not need to help sell products, but needs to bring customers to the mall to shop.

While Bednarek's Web site does not sell pictures directly online, he said he hopes to add this feature to the site in the future.