The Oaks Mall advertises on the Net

Some businesses use the Internet as another form of advertisement.

Kristen Moore, marketing director for The Oaks Mall , said the Web site is part of the mall's advertising package.

"It reaches a consumer segment that is crucial to the malls," she said, explaining that the site appeals to individuals with higher incomes who can afford to buy good computers. "It's almost becoming necessary to have your own information on there."

Moore said the mall is advertised in other mediums such as the Independent Florida Alligator, Gainesville Sun, direct mailings and movie screen ads. The Internet is another cost-effective medium, she said.

The mall pays $100 a year per page to Crest Communications to maintain the Web site. The site has five pages. Since the site has been up since February 1996, they have spent about $1000 for the site. According to the counter on the homepage, the site has had about 8,000 hits in two years, costing the mall about $8 a person to advertise on the Web.

The number of hits will increase as the market becomes more savvy, said Moore, who helped start the Web site because she "knew what the power of the Internet was."

The site is important, she said, because it shows that the mall in on the "cutting edge of technology, building for the future."

For Web designer zealots and businesses, Moore has some advice on design.

"(The site) has to be visually exciting," she said. "It would have to be constantly changing."

She also said they continually would need to send information to those who inquire about the site.

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