Let me guess, you're here because your roommate moved in before you and took the bottom bunk? Well, don't look any further because this class is about to teach you all you need to know about how to get your roommate to loosen up and take that family portrait off the wall.

Here are a few ways to live with a roommate that is, let's just say, not your type:


1. If you have a problem, speak up about it.
2. Communication does not refer to post-it notes or other notes listing complaints.
3. Talk about it.


No, your mother doesn't live with you any more.
1. Don't let your apartment or dorm turn into a dumping ground for bugs and sorts.
2. Make sure you clearly define who is going to do what and alternate.
3. Trash is also the evil of all evils.
*Don't get into a fight over who is going to take out the trash. It sounds funny now, but just wait it will happen. Don't come crying to me when the trash is overflowing, just remember I told you so.

Moving In:

1. Don't be shy, introduce yourself.
2. Take a look around the room, get to know your roommate before you even peep a word.
3. Ask questions, it's better to ask questions up front, then to think, "Does he/she have a boy/girlfriend and will he/she be spending the night," and regret it later.
4. Don't judge a book by its cover, get to know your roommate.

Best Friends not always good Roommates:

1. Don't move in with your best friend.
*That is the only advice I can give you if you want to have them around in the future.
2. Just because you get along with him/her doesn't mean you will be able to live with that person.


1. Let your roommate know what he/she can borrow, if anything.
2. If you wear the same size, ladies, and you agree that you will share clothes tell each other what clothes are off-limits.

Morning Person/Night Person:

1. Decide right now when you will be waking up and going to bed.
2. If you are an early riser then be courteous to the one who just got home from a frat party two hours ago and vise versa.

Rommmate doesn't equal best friend:

1. You guys don't have to be best friends.
2. If you do get along, then set some ground rules for "me" time, believe me you're going to need it.
3. Realize that you might have different friends, don't feel obligated to invite him/her everywhere you go.

If none of this works then check out this web-site:

1. It's bound to make your roommate move out.
* www.sisna.com/users/reapy/room.htm

Above all relax and give it time you won't click the minute you meet, but believe me when he/she moves out your going to wish they never left!

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