College Planning Checklist for High School Seniors

  • Prepare for and take the SATs!

  • January-February
  • Tell your parents to complete their income taxes early because the calculations are also used in financial aid requests!!
  • Fill out and send in the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) early.
  • Fill out and send in college financial aid applications.

  • March
  • Complete scholarship applications. For community and civic scholarships, students should check with the guidance office.
  • The state of Florida offers scholarships for Florida students who go to a public college in-state. To apply for this you must have a SAT score of 1270, or an ACT score of 28. You must also have a 3.5 GPA in the 15 credits designated by state universities as necessary for college credit. This scholarship covers 100 percent of tuition fees!!
  • For a fast link to several scholarships look at this web

  • April-June
  • Review awards letters and decide which college to attend. Send deposit.
  • If scholarships and financial aid awards fall short, apply for student, private and parent education loans.

  • August
  • Start packing!!!

  • All information was taken from the Gainesville Sun's WorkLife section from Monday, Nov. 10, 1997

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