Many people may say that they don't have time to get involved on campus, that they don't need to or that they simply see it as a waste of time. Don't listen to the rumors! Many employers have told me that it's what you learn outside of the classroom that is more beneficial than what you learn in a class. Not only does being involved on campus look great on a resume, but it also lets you develop teamwork, leadership skills and they also show that you have interests outside of school. Basically that you are a well rounded student. Here is some advice to get involved on campus....

Why should I participate?

1. It helps you develop and grow as a person.
2. You will learn things that will help you in the "real world."
*How to budget money.
*How to deal with people.
*How to solve problems.
*How to plan events.
3. Getting involved will increase your:
*Organizational skills
*Time management
*People skills

How do I get started?

1. Decide where your interests lie. What do you want to be doing in your free time? By choosing something you enjoy you will be committed to their cause. Don't overload on extra activities and let your grades slip.

2. Once you choose a club or organization that interests you find out when and where they meet. Call the president or some other officer to find out this information. If your school has organizational fairs utilize them to find an organization that interests you.

3. Get involved in the organization immediately. If at the first meeting they ask for help then offer yours. Don't try to jump into being president right away. You need to learn the ropes of an organization before you lead it. Start off in a low position and work your way up. It is better to be a participant in an organization then just a member who attends the meetings. Besides you need outstanding titles on your resume.

4. Stay involved. Being involved in an organization can help you narrow a campus of 40,000 students down to about 100. There are clubs and organizations for just about anything on a college campus. This is also a great way to meet a close group of people. Many of my best friends are from clubs I have been a part of.

5. While involved ask yourself what you want out of the organization. Get involved in activities that correspond with your major. This will look great on a resume and will also give you hands on experience. If you are a public relations major it doesn't mean you have to be involved with a pr organization, but if a club your in does a newsletter or publicity then offer to do that.

Remember that being involved will help you be marketable once you graduate. It will get you that tough first job. You can learn many things from a class, but leadership is taught by experience!

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