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On-line Applications:This site will let you apply on-line to most schools around the nation

Textbooks On-line:Some books at this site might be cheaper than the bookstores around town. Just enter in the title, author or ISBN.

College planning checklist:Make sure you have everything done before it's to late.

Stuff you never knew you'd need to know:

1.How to do your laundry:

*Choose a detergent (yes, guys you do need soap to get the clothes clean)
The liquids don't stain your clothes like the powders do.
*Get a good smelling fabric softener (it makes your clothes snuggle fresh)
*Seperate your clothes
Whites with whites
Darks with darks
You separate by what color the shirt is, not by what print is on it!
*Doing whites
Put the washer setting on hot cold, warm cold or whites (depending on what you're washer has)
*Doing darks
Put the washer setting on cold or dark
*Good clothes
If you have clothes that fade easily put the setting on permanent press for whites and darks.
If you don't want your clothes to completely shrink, then put the setting on permanent press.
If you don't' care, then put the dial on the setting that coincides with the load you are doing.
*Repeat as needed (don't forget your sheets and towels!!!)

2.What are the college food staples:

*When going to the grocery store you will want to get the following:
Peanut butter and jelly
Your favorite lunch meat
Pasta and lots of it
A variety of pasta sauces (believe me, you'll understand later)
Your favorite cereals (get about 2 of your favorite)
Pop-Tarts (good for days when you're running late to class)
Bagels, English muffins, or waffles or all
Fruit (very important for those late night studying hours)
Coffee (also very important for studying and waking up)
Frozen chicken
And more of freshman year list
Repeat above lists
Repeat above lists

These lists can vary, but I guarantee these are the staples!!! Eat up!! This will get you through college and you might not even put on the freshman 15.

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