Welcome to the Survival Guide of everything you've ever wanted to know about college but were afraid to ask. Right now you're either sitting at home wondering how you are going to go on without mom to make you dinner or do your laundry. Have no fear, I am here to help you learn now while you still have a few more days left. If you are sitting in a dimly lit computer lab at college, then you better start reading.....Cause you're late!!!(I hope this hasn't been a trend with your classes)

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ROM 101 T Th first period 3 credits

Roommates: Can't live with 'um, can't live without 'um
This class takes a look at the fundamentals of how to deal with the roommate you have and what you can do to make them leave if you don't like them.

MAJ 560 T Th second period 3 credits

How to pick a major before it picks you: MAJ 560 will teach you how to choose a major that you will love.

IOC 302 T Th third period 3 credits

How to get involved on campus: This class will teach you the basics of how to get involved on campus.

ELE 403 T Th fourth period 3 credits

ELE 403 is the mother of all classes. This class will teach you all the things you never learned because you were SPOILED. This class is required for all majors, but you will soon find out that next year it won't count for anything.

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