Tips for Race Morning

Tips For Raceday...

So the time has finally...the morning of your first race. Race morning can be a hectic time so this information will help you prepare for the "chaos". There are many details that need to be taken care of the morning of the race, so being organized is important.

The night before the race.

Races usually start as early as 7:00a.m., so packing your race bag the night before is important. A triathlon requires many pieces of equipment and clothes, and if you forget one part then you might be not be able to compete. Check the list below to make sure you have everything packed the night before. It will make race morning much easier.

  • Things to remember on raceday
    1. wetsuit (if being used)
    2. race # (if picked up day before)
    3. safety pins(for race #)
    4. swimsuit
    5. goggles
    6. swim cap
    7. towel
    8. run shoes
    9. bike
    10. waterbottles
    11. number belt
    12. sunglasses
    13. helmet
    14. clean clothes for after
    15. waterbottles
    16. bike shoes (if used)
    17. Vaseline(to prevent chaffing)

      Race morning

      Since you will already have your bag with everything you need, race morning should go smoothly. When you arrive at the racesite, go directly to check-in, usually body marking will be taking place, and this is a good time to use the restroom. Later in the morning both these lines will be LONG,so get it over with. Then head back to the car and check your bike over. Is everything tight? Are tires pumped up? Next head to the Transition area.

      Head to the Transition Area

      The transition area looks scary when you see it for the first time. There will be many bike racks set-up all labeled with race numbers. Find the rack with your number and place your bike on the rack. Before you pick a place on the rack, find out from which direction you will be entering it from the swim and from which way you will leave on the bike and run legs. Once you figure out the best spot, put your bike there. Positioning of the bike can save crucial seconds. If there is someone at the race with you, you might ask them to watch your spot when you leave to warm-up. People tend to move bikes around when unoccupied before the race.

      Setting Up the Tansition

      Now is the time to setup your shoes, helmet and racebelt. Take the towel out and place it on the ground. Place your run shooes (and bike shoes if you have them) on the towel. Then place your helmet on the ground on your shoes or on your bike seat. Leave the chinstrap unfastened so it is easy to put on. If you are going to put on a race belt, put it next to your run shoes, so you remeber to grab it. A good rule to remember, is to place things so you can grab them easily. Things get very frantic in the transition area and it easy to forget things.

      After the Race

      After you cool down, try to gather all your things at the transition as soon as possible. This will prevent people from accidently throwing your thing in their bag. Make sure you grab both shoes (the right and left), goggles and cap, and HELMET. These are things that are commonly left after. Once everything is loaded in the car, change and enjoy the postrace atmosphere, you deserve it!

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