How Far Do You Have to Go?

[nick radkewich, pro]

People think to complete a triathlon that hours of training, covering long distances and complete dedication is necessary. While this is required to become a national champion, it is not required if you have the goal just to "finish" a triathlon. There are a variety of distances for people to participate in that allow anyone to compete. There is not set distance on how long a triathlon has to be,although there are a few standard distances. The following list includes the most common distances of triathlon.

Common Race Distances...

Common Race Distance Name Swim Distance Bike Distance Run Distance
*Youth Junior(Ages 7-10)100 meter 3.1 miles .6 miles
*Youth Senior(Ages 11-14)200 meters 6.2 miles 1.2 miles
Sprint Distance(Ages 7&Up).5 mile 15 miles 3.1 miles
**International Distance(15&Up).9 mile24.8 Miles6.2 miles
Half-IRONMAN (18&up)1.2 Miles56 miles13.1 miles
IRONMAN (18&Up)2.4 miles112 miles26.2 miles

*These distances are usually part of a "YOUTH TRIATHLON". These races are held so that young kids can have the opportuniy to compete in the sport. There is a national race series called "IRONKIDS", for kids age 7-14. They compete in local races and can earn a chance to attend the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

**Also known as "Olympic Distance". In the 2000 Olympics, triathlon will make its debut and this will be the race distance. The "World Championship Race" is also held at this distance, and is held annually.

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