Though my original intent was to do a piece on personal privacy on-line, as I performed my research, I came to realize that far too much research has already been done on the topic. Therefore, to avoid sounding both redundant and cliche, I have altered the course of my investigation slightly, touching briefly on privacy issues, but investigating in a broader sense public reliance on technology, and it's pitfalls.

Not only has little work been done on the subject, but it is an area which interests me to a far greater extent, and one which I believe will come under great scrutiny in the not too distant future.

In keeping with my personal philosophy on web design, the layout has been kept intentionally simple, and the graphics sparse.

If you decide to inlude this work on your class page, please link to it in its own window, rather than placing it into the main frame of your page. I ask this since the document contains frames of its own, and placing frames inside of frames tends to get confusing.

Joe Perez,
Dec 2, 1997