Third Party Rating Systems Third Party Rating Systems

Third party rating systems relies on a group of people to rate pages and combines it with the newest in filtering software technology . This combination fixes the areas where the filtering software fell short.

The third party is usually a group of people hired by the software company who rate the sites based on a number of criteria such as nudity, violence, language etc. The software is designed to understand and enforce the rating system and can update itself to keep up with the ever-changing Internet (5).

This new software also allows parents to decide what they want their child to see and the software then consults these contrainsts to determine whether to block access to the certain pages (5). When a child tries to visit a restricted site many of the software companies offer different features. They include monitoring, logging, masking inappropriate words, phrases and language in returned information, warning users with a message or sound, preventing access or application shutdown. Many create of log of all the sites the child has visited or tired to visit so parents can review them later. Parents can also limit the time of day children can use the computer and total time spent using it. All these features can be run without the user knowing.